Friday, June 10, 2022

Who exists?

 Do you remember who you were prior to who the world taught you to be? ~ Charles Bukowski

As I’ve said in these writings there is no entity that exists, the light within us is extreme intelligence and it remembers everything, when the body was born and life manifested in it, it became alive, we have the belief that there is a new person in the world, that’s the beginning of lots of suffering

The child is then sent to school and the child’s mind is down loaded with so many concepts, children suffer in school and most people don’t get it, who or what are we trying to teach? 

This is called mental suffering, then you have children killing themselves, so many have said I just need peace, the non stop thoughts from all the crap in there head is a bomb waiting to go off, when will people listen?

Genesis 3 in the Bible talks about the tree of knowledge of suffering, it has go to STOP.

Your true nature is pure peace itself, life is a no knowing, all happens through us not by us, just as the bird weaves a nest so perfectly for the new babies arriving, then when they are born the are feed, then when they are grown to fly and find there own food they are set free, the parents have no concepts of my children, nothing in nature is attached, only human nature and that’s why they suffer.  

There is NO OTHER, we are the eternal one, we come from the universe and we live in it and we will return to it when the body dies, universal existence-life is the only eternal, WE ALL ARE IT, prior to concepts there was no awareness of being anything, DONT you see it’s all concepts?

This is all the play of consciousness, until your conscious presence ask itself WHO AM I? this crazy ass shit won’t end, focus on who you were prior to words, like all nature that does not speak, doesn’t know a thing, nature is fearless.

Die to the known, it’s all an illusion, when you can live life from the place of not knowing, that’s wisdom.

We are already perfect and it’s the universe doing all through us, there is no personal self, the life within is the life without, we are already eternal, let all happen through you, there is a power so absolutely perfect that does all thru all, keep the mind still and remain presence, if you have a dog be one with them, their presence never leaves this moment, allow the presence of the supreme power live thru you, know your natural state is no mind no self, emptiness, once mind is empty then the pure presence of existence that is conscious becomes clear to you, all your presence to simply remain aware, just awareness.

Hold onto nothing, no past no memory, no nothing! 

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Human suffering

 Genesis 3 all human suffering is due to knowledge, ask yourself who are you prior to knowledge? All that you know to be is nothing more then concepts, a body that speaks words and a body that attains the meaning to these words causes suffering 

WE AS HUMAN BEING ARE NO DIFFERENT THEN ANY OTHER CREATURE, nothing else in nature knows words and meanings, there is one thing living in all creation snd that is LIFE

LIFE is the eternal, I AND MY FATHER -universe are one, there is a power that’s able to illuminate the body and life manifest inner to outer, then all comes back, the blessing in it is you get yo live from this bliss and you have zero fear, 

Words-meanings, that’s all human nature with the belief I am so and so, there is no such entity, body is able to talk by power of life, the body only exists due to formless consciousness I am, so who don’t you true to realize your conscious presence? There is no such thing as a person, words create, no words who are we? 

We are nothing Galatians 6:3 for if a man think himself to be something when he is nothing he deceive himself

When the body dies no matter if it is a dog or horse or human it’s the one life that leaves it and merges back into this moment and becomes unlimited

Every human being is as free as every animal, our nature is NO KNOWING and our unity is love of life, our bodies differ, you did not know differences prior to knowledge, in the sleep state is our true nature, no entity and no knowing.

We are the same as all creation, this world and all the known is the entire illusion, turn back in, ego is unreal, all that you know is unreal, do you see anything else in creation using words saying my mother my sister, all these are concepts, there is no such thing, only life and our manifest existence that’s is conscious is what exists, a no knowing state! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2022


 To know your true nature, surrender to yourself, what are you prior to knowledge? If you say nothing, stay as nothing, to end thoughts, hold to one thought, this will end all other thought, and it will bring your manifest presence back to what you are prior to knowledge!


Sunday, August 1, 2021

No YOU exists

 We believe I am so and so,, we believe this is my daughter my mother, does anything else in nature live with these concepts? NOPE, is anything else in nature depressed? NOPE, tree of knowledge is all of human suffering, if you would simply look and see the only thing in all bodies is LIFE, it’s the concepts learned that human beings believe they are a somebody living life but that somebody is only a concept, there is nobody in any body!

How to teach humans they don’t exist? Human beings have to have the courage to inquire back into their existence and as you ask your own self  to whom is this world? You’ll see there is no answer and nobody there, we never asked our own self about our self, the more you realize there is nothing but life the more you’ll realize why we suffer mentally, it’s all concepts.

The habit or belief these are my children must go, loose every single concept, all nature raises their young, then nature releases them to nature, there is no concepts of mine,  it’s just nature doing what all nature does, co-create, every single thing in nature is male-female to keep creating, there are no concepts in nature and no attachments.

I don’t exist, there is no one in a body that exists, there is no one seeing out the eyes, there is seeing, hearing, that’s part of nature, there is no depression that can hit one who is free of all worldly knowledge, free and happy knowing I am only life and life is free, life leaves the body and merges back into this moment and becomes unlimited.

Everything is nothing:  Galatians 6:3, “I am the life, “ Jesus has said this many times, but did not say directly that everything is concepts, he did  say tree of life or tree of concepts? He found it easier to use parables, still no one could understand him, so look at your own self, is there a person inside your body? We are so conditioned by concepts, we send kids to school and no one realizes why they suffer, who are we teaching all these concepts and beliefs too? WHO? Absolutely no one but your making them believe they are a someone and it’s all just a bunch of words!!

Only life is in a body, it is pure existence that is conscious, there’s no person conscious, you do not exist! 

Only by Gods grace can you realize you are life and manifest existence I am is pure consciousness, all are the eternal, intellect is nothing but concepts, just as no mind exists either but more believe in a mind! Such is what concepts do, words and meanings have created queens and kings, presidents and so forth and it’s nothing but concepts, no such entity exists, look to see who you are without concepts!! 

Prior to knowledge who are you? In sleep who are you? Who is aware of the dreams in sleep is aware of this dream world, there is only this awareness, awareness is not somebody aware, who is aware of being conscious?

The concepts of being a person is one’s misery and the concepts on all else, in reality only the one I am is there, everyone knows I am, how many know there true presence?  Your true presence is bliss!  All are the divine

Sunday, April 18, 2021

World is our true body n self

 All bodies of world are male n female, all nature creates new bodies, it is life that makes everything alive, the life in you is the life in all, WE ARE ALL THE EXACT SAME EXISTENCE, there is no other.

MIND-EGO ARE UNREAL, all nature lives by tree of life, means no concepts, yet a bird can weave a nest so perfectly for the babies that are coming, because all that exists is pure knowledge and love.

Human nature is the only animal that lives off tree of knowledge-concepts, we label and define each other with the belief there is an other, we suffer by false concepts and this is why, nature is absolutely free, no attachments whatsoever, what is death to nature? But human nature hears this word and becomes frightened, ITS A WORD IT HAS NO MEANING.

There is no death to LIFE, when I leave the body I merge back into my unlimited self, you can’t see life, wave your arm back and forth and you will feel life, WE ARE TIMELESSLY HERE! 

Woman man, bodies are made to keep creating for universal existence to manifest in, with zero worldly knowledge I’m free of any mental suffering, life goes on but I’m free of all concepts, fearless being, I am the eternal one! 

Please try to know your true self, when you wake up you know I AM, that’s your conscious presence which rises from life, that presence is formless and it’s the exact same in all creation, it’s the LOVE AND LIGHT OF WORLD, your not the body, your the I am, you can come to know your true presence just by turning back inward and asking yourself who you are, then by the almighty power your conscious presence will merge in with life while your awake and life will manifest in all its glory, it’s as simple as love and devotion to your own self.

A dead body can’t say I am, so your not the body but that’s all you know, concepts create the false, turn back in and realize your own grace and don’t give up on yourself! You and all that is, is the eternal, this moment is our body! 

There is no God without you, no world without you, no love without you, if you are not nothing is, realize this and go within knowing all is because you are, it’s that simple!


Wave your arm back and forth, straight out from body, what your feeling is the presence of life, life is the supreme, absolute vast, one breath in a baby takes, and the supreme is in the body, it becomes alive, like nature all are the pure presence of. OW, once concepts are learned troubles begin, just know when a body dies you will feel the void of that presence, DONT cry because that presence is right here, you use to having the presence in a body and you could hug them, but my dear ones, there’s no other, the presence of everyone returns to this unlimited spirit.

give attn to this moment, you are in the supreme and the supreme life is in you, when Christ said the kingdom of God is within you and you are in the kingdom, this is what he was expressing, we are so use to concepts, they are the cause of all mental suffering and grief,  be aware of your own presence and a moment will come that this power reveals all to you, give awareness to the presence and the presence will show you everything, you are it, we all are it.

Monday, February 8, 2021

One with nature

 There are so many going out and being one with nature, they feel good being outdoors, the reason you feel good is because you are the life, universal existence, what your not is a person, the ego was created by your parents first, then in school you grow as this person, a person is all concepts, if you cut open the body were is the person? 

the person you believe to be does not exist, it’s all creation of concepts, what are you when there is no knowledge? You are pure manifest existence that knows I am, your not the body which is a corpse, you are the pure unlimited life absolutely free, fearless and joy.

Functioning continues, all that has ever been done, going to work, cooking, eating, dancing, paying bills, continues, but there’s nobody doing it, there’s no such thing as a person.

When we sit on a beach we all see the same ocean, the same people and kids, we appear as many, The one conscious presence is the exact same, your conscious presence is life, all life is conscious.

as a child all you knew was your body, my dear beloveds, we know a dead body can’t talk, can’t see, so the one who is hearing and seeing is not the body but the life. There’s is nobody living life, there’s only life.

you feel like your a person because you were taught this, it’s all you know, we dont think of looking at ourselves and saying I can’t be the body it dies, so I can only be the life, we don’t think of looking back into ourselves unless we go through horrible pain, pain makes us look at ourselves,.

generation after generation knowledge is being taught, nobody knows why, you are pure existence and when body dies life merges back into this world, your not born nor do you die, you are eternally here! And for those who life has manifested in all your glory try to tell all this knowledge but be aware all, there’s so many who won’t believe you, Trun away and stop trying, they will realize it at the end of their life, those who realize will live a life in peace and total fearlessness, I am eternally here and there’s nothing to grieve 

If you want to free your mind from the concept of a me? It’s simple, knowledge was put into you from outside now inquire into yourself right now, to whom is the body? To whom is this world? The mind becomes so silent and you’ll be aware of this, the more you inquire into you the more you’ll be aware there is nobody there! 

It feels strange at first but it will get easier, everything else in existence lives with no mind, that’s why nature is full of joy, when you have no concepts there is so sadness or worries, look within is there a mind? No only a brain, mind is thought and thought is mind, no thought no mind!! 

Who is functioning? Who is the doer? All happens by the unknown power, how does a bird know how to weave a nest?? We are intelligent beings of light which you don’t see, you will come to perceive your light when all the false is gone.

 your true nature knows nothing, knowing nothing joy remains, what do you know that’s your own knowledge? Nothing!! 

We don’t know a thing about our true nature, in the seed of I am holds amazing dreams, in sleep there is nothing, your conscious presence merges into the core of eternal life all vanishes, when your conscious presence emerges the body, world, thoughts, speech all come into being, this entire world is within your own consciousness.

The one who seeks truth is your conscious presence I am and the seeker is the sought, what remains when ego is no more is simple existence , the same existence in all that is.

There is no other, DONT see body and name, see existence and watch how all day I or I am, we are conditioned by knowledge, now unconditional yourself 

Our presence is HERE, I am always HERE, I am all and nothing, the nothing is unlimited existence, there is no person, I am light and love while in this world, when body dies Life merges  back into world and becomes unlimited, all mental suffering is the concepts put into you by your parents, they didn’t know, and it happens generation after generation.

All nature is life, no life nothing exists.

Self inquiry or love and devotion to your own self you’ll awaken to what you are, the idea I am so and so will be played out on the stage of life but you will be absolute clear it’s all concepts, there’s no person in a body, it’s concepts that’s in the unreal mind.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Life is the supreme guru

 When life wants you to know your truth, it comes in the form of pain and suffering, we don’t know this, we just think I’ve got some bad FREEKING luck going on.

The way life can teach is only through events, life is trying to teach the totality of al human beings right now but they just don’t know, don’t sit until this passes, you talk to life and ask life what are you trying to teach? And you listen for it’s answers, they can come through you or through someone else, JUST BE AWARE.

My last bang was the cutting the nerves open-in both feet and let me tell you, the suffering was beyond human torture, but it wast he only way that my conscious presence would come to surrender and then live. No devotion constantly, my conversations with God were with myself, the only way for us to realize we are otter body is by total surrender to life.

First it was sensations running up and down my spine, what you come to know is our manifest existence that’s conscious is behind body, and by devotion to myself it was waking up and you don’t know this until the revealing comes, my thought was God can hear me but truth is love and devotion awakens you to your own eternal nature.

So this went on, slowly life pulls you away from everything and the last thing is this world, then one day I opened the door to take my dog out but instead got pulled by a force into the world, the body was 100% illuminated and I was in the void or all of existence, and my light shined as endless as my life and your witnessing the whole thing, the life in our center core is who we all are.

Your awake state is manifest existence I am, there’s no person in a body and all our knowledge is the whole illusion, it’s the cause of all misery, separation and mental illness.

If you go to a spiritual teacher you will not awaken, you have to turn into your own existence and remain aware of the seer, total surrender to your own self, heart to heart conversation to yourself, just trust life, only life, your surrounded by life, your in life and life is in you, self inquiry will reveal there is no mind or person, to whom is this body? To whom is seeing? To whom are these thoughts? To whom will reveal the pure silence in your head, there is only a brain and your conscious presence which is no one.

Look at the dog, he loves, who is inside living? Who is loving? It’s the exact same in you, eternal existence and the seed that created all forms is the love and light, there is no such thing as a person, no entity exists at all, you are the life and love and you are so free.

trust only in you