Sunday, December 16, 2018

My wish for humanity

Dear humanity,

We are told we are born and we grow from this knowledge and the idea I am this body, a woman or man and all that exists is people and nature,  we fall in love and out of love, we don’t have any idea what our true nature is until nature takes you on a journey of loss over loss over loss, you see we have to loose everything until nothing is left but you and you also have to go, until your in absolute tears and surrender and  a moment comes that you can not fathom and the realization I am life, this power manifest in all its glory inner to outer, you merge into the invisible and you can see and perceive eternity, your 100% illuminated , the realization I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE, means I am the life and you see all that we learned on ourselves was all concepts, we become these characters like in a movie and we are playing this part and most of us are so unhappy in this life and don’t know why and it’s due to belief I’m a person separate from all else, we never ever looked at our own lives to ask who am I?

We all meaning every single thing living is LIFE, life is the total, when life leaves the body it merges back into the world and becomes unlimited again, object are created for existence to know I AM, we all say I am but we don’t even know who we are and it’s existence and existence is conscious and knows I am, existence consciousness bliss is knowing I’m the manifest existence I’m also the light and love of existence, when the  mind is empty of knowledge I am so and so you’ll perceive your own light , the best way to realize your life is total surrender, your conscious presence I am does not know it’s true nature, it only knows what it was taught which is to be a person, we only know the body as our self and we are not the body that dies, we are the one life that’s living, everything  is LIFE,  your parents, children, aunts, uncles, co-workers and so on are all life, every animal is life, everything  on this planet is LIFE, nothing is alive without you, no flower, no tree, no animals, nothing whatsoever can be without life and we are the LIFE,  and we are pure light and it shines out all eyes and we don’t even notice it, if your mind is focused on life it make take you to realize it, yet it really simple to know what else can you be that’s eternal? There’s only life and don’t be afraid of your truth, only life is eternal, when a body dies only life leaves it, this whole massive world, all the invisible is you,.

Humanity we are all the exact same existence manifested , there’s no other at all on this planet, the mind was taught to only know the names on the objects so it does not see unity in life or even think of life, the universe created all these objects and it’s life that makes them alive, know you are the life that’s eternal, the meaning BE STILL AND KNOW I AM GOD is to realize your own light that’s seeing, it is also that which is aware, find the seer, just be aware of your own existence, DONT waist your life facing the mind outward, the gold is inward, you are worth realizing,  life and light is what we all truly are

Humanity I am always with you, there’s no beginning or ending to me, I am nothing and nothing is the everything for I am the life, everything seen and unseen is the ONE LIFE, you don’t die, you return to right here but to the total of right here, all merge back into the total, the unlimited invisible total life, I am always with you for you and I are the exact same life, look around and know your the absolute of all life, the world is your body, your body is peace and silence, you are the eternal NOW!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

The living presence

in nature all that is manifested is the living presence, this moment right where you are is the living presence of infinite invisible life, presence, do you notice the presence of this present moment? Without it nothing can exists and it is ALL THAT EXISTS, there's nobody living life, there's only life which is the living presence, we are not separate from nature, do you ever see anything in nature commit suicide? All the mental issues are due to the concept you are a somebody living, there's no entity living, it's all concepts, so many suffer grief with the idea my grandmother died or my brother or sister, my baby, you see the idea there are others is the cause of all misery and the idea of being somebody is extreme misery, when there is no concept on myself I am free and happy aware that I am only the living presence of this world, nothing is separate from me since only life exists, it is joyous and happiness to be free of all concepts on one self, cut off your head and what remains is what you are which is the living presence of this moment, that which is within is the limitless presence without , there is nothing else that exists and there is nobody who is living in nature in which we all are.

The universe created this play for itself, in every form imaginable but it's the ONE PRESENCE in the in variety and the.variety is complete joy, to watch life play through all is so funny because life is experiencing itself in all the manifest creatures, inside the creation of all objects is light and love, the light is the pure intelligence, all is created from this intelligence, the light shines out all the windows, just look and see the tiny dot in the retina.

What makes nature able to jump and tumble? This light is power, our manifest existence consciousness I am is pure light and pure existence which rises and subsides in the core of life, there's no entity sleeping or waking up, it is existence manifesting and unmanifesting, when manifest all comes into being, everything exists in your consciousness and is seen by your light, there is only the ONE EXISTENCE THAT EXISTS, I am in you as you are in me because only the one is, there is No death to this living presence, it merges back into this moment and becomes unlimited, what is here and now is what is living both within and without, you don't change!!! So knowwhen this presence leaves the body it is always with you because I am the exact same as you and as all, only this invisible living presence is living, all sadness and grief, depressions, mental issues will vanish forever when you realize this simple truth, there's no such thing as a person, can't you see that these concepts are the misery all go through? When you look within can you find a person? So you see how mind washed we are? When there is no entity that exists who can be sad? It's all concepts that cause all the misery and concepts cause the thoughts and one believes in there thoughts, DONT BELIEVE IN ONE BLOODY THOUGHT, to end thought just hold onto one thought that makes you feel good, one thought held nothing else can enter, do this until the power that you are will destroy the false, keep this mind in total surrender, accepting all that happens, no resistance to anything helps kill the false ego.

You may ask who then is functioning? Existence is, all happens as it did before, what changes is the dropping away of the idea a personal entity is living this life, all the functioning g going on is all the EXACT SAME MANIFEST EXISTENCE CONSCIOUSNESS I AM,  it's one total existence in this one total play of life, all is happening as a whole.

You are the presence of this present moment, you are free of all concepts and ideas, we all are infinite nothingness, the nothingness of this present moment is our body, the mind must accept that you are nothing, it's the mind that believes to be something and it's the mind that suffers with this belief

Again it's the mind itself that suffers with these concepts, Galatians 6:3 if anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing he deceived himself ALL SUFFERING IS CONCEPTS OF MIND AND ITS MIND THAT SUFFERS

There is only the living presence living there is nobody who is living it, see all creation as existence and not as names and bodies with some false identification stamped on them, it's all the one manifest existence that exists, there is nothing else, there is nobody who is born and nobody who dies, there's only this one living presence playing with itself.

The manifest and the unmanifest presence is the exact same, the room you are sitting in is your own unmanifest presence, you are the unlimited indivisible presence which is the supreme being which is God, God is in the living because only this living presence is living, be the presence that you are and die to all concepts of I am so and so, because you are nothing but this presence of now~

PEACE AND SILENCE IS THE NATURE OF THIS LIVING PRESENCD OF LIFR AND LIGHT, words are ignorance, only use them when you have too

Monday, July 30, 2018

Trust in your own existence

The only true teacher of life is ines in self, surrender to yourself and trust it with all your heart and mind

God is LIFE

the only thing living in the body is life, but due to concepts you take yourself to be a person, all that knowledge was put into you from outside of you, just like the Siri machine, all that it knows was put into it, and it feeds back to the questioner, this is what happened to us, it is the cause of all misery, suicides, depressions, anxiety, divisions, your entire conscious presence is functioning off all concepts, that's all it knows and that's our darkness

so how to go beyond what you know? Absolutely surrender with all your heart and help will come, keep your awareness back on itself, focus on the seer, give yourself all the love and attn, in the core of your being is life and that life is the real you, it's the only thing eternal

The ego is false, a person is nothing but concepts and concepts is misery, life is this very moment, you came from HERE and will merge back into HERE and become unlimited, the mind won't accept it's nothing, the mind only knows words and objects, your objectless

Your manifest existence is behind the body, it is aware of everything, be aware of being aware, as long as your attn is turned back in on you all will be well, when it stays outward onto the world you'll never know thyself, keep knowing you are life, in deep sleep nothing exists but life and your that life, life has no beginning or ending to it

stop thinking and the peace of life remains, everything is THOUGHT

GOD OR LIFE is the only truth that exists, you know I am when manifested or when awake, that I am is existence not the body or person, it is aware when body is hungry or hurt, be that which is aware and not what your aware of

Remember you are life and life is eternal, it is this very unlimited timeless moment, you don't die, you are the life, only life exists


Saturday, July 7, 2018

Supreme reality

We all are the supreme reality which is life, life has no beginning or ending to it which is this present moment, we all are in our eternal body we call the world, it is our own body from which you come and to where you shall return, you see when life leaves the body it merges back into the whole undivided indivisible existence,  all the invisible is one massive wholeness, just picture for a moment blowing your breath outward, it merges into all the invisible, all the invisible is the supreme being of universe and we are it....

Why don't we know our own truth? Because your trained to believe your a person, your trained to believe your the body, your trained to believe you are born and your trained to believe your a certain age, all the above belongs to the born and the born changes from moment to moment grows old and dies, all the suffering in this world is mental, human.nature lives by body mind knowledge, we are living as intellectual beings who can never agree with each other, you will be shocked to realize your whole life has been a lie, you have been living by all that your not and you will see so clearly the cause of all the suffering human beings go through, our conscious presence does not know it's true nature and we are not even aware of being conscious, we believe I am an entity sleeping and waking up, have you ever looked within to see a person that sleeps or wakes up? Can you find that person? It's due to belief your the body that you take yourself as an entity sleeping or waking up, it's just not so...

What sleeps? What wakes up? Well it is existence which rises and subsides, existence rises up out of your inner core, your inner core is the supreme reality who gives birth to existence, existence rises up
and you know I AM, so when you say I AM realize it is the one manifest existence of this world, your existence is the light and love, it is pure peace and joy, prior to knowledge put into you, you existed but did not know, you had no sense of division, separation, no physical or mental suffering, no sense of being anything and no fear or desire existed for you, that's our true nature of manifest existence, your light shines out all eyes, by that light you see the world, the world is born in you just as dreams are born in you, when your in the sleep state your aware of dreams and some dreams seem so real when your in it, you can hear others taking, you can feel yourself walking, running or whatever the dream is it seems so real then you wake up and realize it was just a dream, now have you. Ever asked if I'm Asleep who was the one aware and watching the dream? You see the dream goes on and you are not the one dreaming it, you are the light in which the dream is appearing and you as the light is always aware, just as this moment without moving the eyes your aware of all your surroundings without any effort, we don't know that we are this light because you were taught to be a person, look carefully and you'll realize a person can only be a creation of concepts, because you look within and all that you can say is there is life and there is seeing, hearing, tasting, sensations, thinking  and there is awareness,,you are this awareness which is the light of this world, focus on who is seeing and you will discover your light, light is both the seeing power and the awareness, from here you should stay aware of being conscious or conscious of being conscious, you are manifest existence which is behind the body but you feel like you are the body because that's what you were trained, yet we do t even question this knowing the body dies, and this is why so many struggle to keep the body alive, you are eternally free, the only way to know you are manifest existence and not the body is to be aware of it until it becomes revealed, also notice how your aware when body is hungry and aware when it's tired or hurt, keep noticing you are aware so that you will no longer identify yourself as the body, prior to the above we all would say I am hungry, the I AM is not the body it is the manifest existence light and love, your manifest existence is behind the body and to discover it you have to be aware of it, constant awareness of your own existence and soon enough you'll become aware of your true manifest existence which is the divine manifest I am that you say, your light may begin to shine more and more just by your own awareness Turing back on yourself, the most important thing is to truly surrender to existence, surrender is the highest devotion because it's the ego that is surrendering and the ego is the creation of concepts, it's an untrue existence because no person exists, all that exists in this world is the one manifest existence.

The mind was trained to see creation by the name on the objects, so the mind can only see differences, the mind does not know existence, without existence nothing can exists, so you see how the mind functions by these concepts? It's up to you to start seeing all are existence, see WHO IS LIVING not what is living, once you realize your true existence the rest will follow...

Realizing your manifest existence which is the I am must come first because by that grace the last  step is taken and that is when you will realize you are the universe are one~ only by the grace of consciousness I am which rises up out of. core, can you know because only that power. An merge back in an reveal all to you, realizing your manifest exists and it's true nature all mental suffering will end, all ideas of other will end, you will know there's never been an other and what created the idea of other was the concepts of persons, your mother, father, brother, sister and do forth are all the exact same manifest existence, there is no other is life, there's only life

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Cause of suffering

We were all aware of how we are living life as persons is not any one's true nature whatsoever and therefore we seek to find out who we are and sometimes this universal power chooses you and transforms your existence back to what it was prior to worldly knowledge  and I'm that chosen one, the journey is extremely painful, there's zero joy in the dissolution of who you are while alive but a great love seeing yourself as the all of creation.

Please try to understand  this but not with the mind, all that exists takes the breath of life and then the object becomes alive, therefore prior to any knowledge it is life that is living or existence, now we grow learning words and there meanings and then this is how we experience life and by that knowledge of words and there meanings we suffer greatly, if you believe that an entity is my brother and that brother dies you are in extreme grief of his death, now take away the word brother, remove all meanings and words and you will realize that existence that existed is the EXACT SAME EXISTENCE OR LIFE AS YOUR OWN, there is no other in this world, there is only one life that's manifested, when all words and meanings are thrown out in yourself and on all that exist you will realize all that exists in the variety of forms is only one existence, there's nothing else inside any object but that life, and when life leaves the body it merges back into the world and becomes unlimited again. You are always here, the inner is the outer the outer is the inner, it's the invisible that gives life to the visible, we are all eternal life, we are all very free, we are all the one life that exists, my conscious presence and your conscious presence is the exact same, so when the label " my brother" is dropped there's no separation and with no separation who will have grief? It's the idea itself " my brother" that idea there is someone so near and dear to me that died, that idea there is an other is the cause of all the suffering and my dear beloveds THERES NO OTHER WHATSOEVER, it's the words and labels given to that existence gives us the belief there is an other, your mind or conscious presence never learned who was living, we don't realize there's only life, it's the knowledge learned that all are given many many names and definitions.

THERE IS ONLY LIFE THERE IS NO ONE LIVING IT, NO ENTITY EXISTS, ITS ALL CONCEPTS, remove all knowledge and you'll realize there's only LIFE~

We as the one manifest existence are living as separate entities with the belief in differences, when objects are given names and labels the mind can only know differences, instead of learning first and foremost all that exists is the one manifest life, there is no other that's living.

someone is having a baby what do they get asked? Is it a boy or girl? Parent says I am having a boy, so the parent only knows the body and the name my son, then that is how separation happens, we are only ever re-creating our own self, all is created for life,

God is in the living he is life itself which has no beginning or ending, unlimited, you become aware of being existence consciousness which is bliss, your manifest existence is behind the body, we are all one existence manifested the body is a corpse.

The knowledge that we learn on existence is how the mind is functioning and that knowledge is the cause of all the thoughts and the belief in separation is mental suffering and it is the cause of all suicides and mental brake downs, your told to love yourself but you can't love yourself because you don't know your true nature but once you do, you will love yourself indeed, the one seeing the body in the mirror is not the body but existence itself and that existence which is eternal is the love and light of this world.

we are living and moving about in a world not realizing the world is our body,,all the invisible is my body, I am always here and now and when life leaves this body I am still here and now but in total freedom from a limited object.

All are the one life, light and love manifested, can there be more then one life? Know that you are life and not the body and it's name or labels given to it, throw out all knowledge and free your mind up and it will be empty of ignorance, then you'll be seeing from the eternal eye seeing all as the ocean of life, there is no me living a life, that implies two, there's no me there's only life and once you realize this all mental suffering comes to an end!

Lastly all that exists from a tiny rabbit to man to woman to nature it's all one existence only the object is different, now in what we call the awake state it is actually your conscious presence I am that emerges out of core of life and all comes into being including the body, this is when you know I AM, but we don't know our manifest presence I am because the mind is filled with knowledge that I am a person male or female, so the mind truly believes it is an entity and that's why knowledge is the highest ignorance, so when you are conscious that is the manifest divine existence, it is universal consciousness, the divine dream play, this world is the dream of the divine play, all in it is the exact same consciousness and yes every animal is the same consciousness and the whole dream plays out, once you realize this you will remain aware of who or what comes to you or what is being said to you, it's one whole and all the manifest are included in it, the world and all in it does not exist if you don't, so know all is because you are, your not a personal doer, the higher power does all thru all, keep mind in surrender, a mind in surrender has no resistance to what is and that's pure devotion which will help you realize your true nature, watch the pattern of events, no interpretation, your not the mind, if you struggle with thoughts, hold to one thought that makes you feel good, then no other thought can enter, ask who am I until it's revealed or stay aware of life, in the sleep state is you it's pure peace and silence, your the source of consciousness, the two will merge by grace, turn your awareness on the sleep state and be hat peace

Friday, September 22, 2017

Your conscious presence

we were not taught who we are as conscious presence, you are only conscious presence but knowledge taught us to be persons so our TRUE NATURE DOES NOT KNOW ITSELF, we all know life is eternal and all life is the same life manifested, this should be taught to every child before any other concepts are taught.

Ok so here we are conscious and aware, keep your awareness on being conscious or conscious of being conscious, this is all it takes for you to stay aware of your own conscious presence and by that inward attn your conscious presence will begin to awaken to itself, please surrender all over to your existence because the mind filled with false knowledge on your own existence resist what it does not like, this is the ego which is nothing more then concepts, none the less the mind believes to be an object and also believes to be an entity, a person, when you look at this you can truly see how can the mind be an object? Because the mind filled with knowledge says I am a woman or I am a man and the mind truly believe this, so you can look at yourself and say how "l "be a woman or man the body is going to be a corpse? So from surrender to constant awareness of your conscious presence which is the I AM will begin to awaken to itself, as long as you are staying aware of your own existence you can not fail, Christ said be still and know I am God, this has not worked for anyone but what will work is your constant awareness on your conscious presence and by all means inquire into your own existence, when consciousness asks its own self WHO IS SEEING? It can not answer its own question, because your conscious presence IS NOT AN ENTITY, it is the formless manifest existence  of pure light and love and your light shines out all eyes, so you can realize all that you were taught to be A PERSON   Is a big FAT CONCEPT AND ITS OUR SUFFERING, you are the divine manifest conscious presence I AM, the I AM that you say is your conscious presence and if you stay aware of you and have no resistance in the mind, you will realize your true divine manifest nature, its constant awareness on your existence, no book or words can teach you, only you can teach itself by your inquiry and attention on your own existence

YOU WONT FAIL, surrender to yourself and stay aware of being conscious, ask and it shall be given, don't give up, don't read books, read your own existence by being with it at all times!

What exists as all creation is the divine manifest conscious presence and eternal life, only the object is different but who is living is all the exact same, dog, cat, horse, bird, tiger, man, woman only body differs, that which is living as all creation is the exact same eternal life, find out who the real " I" is that you say, follow it back from where it comes out and you'll find the eternal heart of infinite life, who am I? A question we never asked our own self because we were taught who we are and what we were taught is NOT WHO WE ARE, there's no such thing as a person except for concepts, the very I AM that you say is the divine manifest consciousness, when consciousness realizes it's true nature it will then merge back into core of  life and the two become one and the one will manifest in all its glory !